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The colour purple

Wolff Architects

Wednesday 15th March 2017

Commentators believe our sudden zeal for sizzling Yves Klein blue and Pantone bright orange is a reaction to Brexit, Trump and other global problems.

“Weighed down by politics, a number of clients want shots of uplifting colour now,” explains Helen Bygraves of Hill House Interiors.

David Wolff of Notting Hill-based Wolff Architects in west London cites recent, feel-good Oscar winner La La Land, where Emma Stone’s saturated yellow dress contrasted dramatically beside a blue-and-rose Los Angeles skyline.

“People are tired of blandness –they want something to cheer them up.”

He suggests that interior design has moved into a phase with sophisticated textures, plastics and embossed metals. “Mix those with some well-defined colour and you have something quite interesting.”

David’s work includes gorgeous Nepalese rugs, bright chairs, and dazzling artwork tucked up against muted backgrounds, and cleverly lit reflective ceilings “that aren’t Plain Jane anymore”.

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Eaton Square - living room Wolff

Winnington Road Plot 2 - basement games room Wolff


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