New Property Launches – Chelsea Waterfront in The London Magazine

Ruth Bloomfield highlights that Chelsea Waterfront’s towers will be released later this year in The London Magazine

Chelsea Waterfront Creek viewIn a nervous post-Brexit market it will be fascinating to discover whether buyers are willing to invest £10m or more in a comparatively untried area when for the same money they could buy a whole house – albeit with less floor space – within prime London’s “Golden Triangle” between Notting Hill, Kensington, and Belgravia.

One of the biggest stories so far of this year’s spring launch season is the reinvention of the industrial swathe between Chelsea Harbour and Battersea Bridge.

Chelsea Waterfront, on Lots Road, is perhaps the highest profile of them all – the redevelopment of the Lots Road Power Station and its eight-acre hinterland. The first of the 118 homes within two new skyscrapers, 37 and 25 stories respectively, and taking shape on the banks of Chelsea Creek, go on sale off-plan later this year.

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