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High-spec project in Chelsea’s uber-prestigious suburb described as ‘a snip’ at £6.95m

Boutique development outfit Wilben has launched the fully-specced townhouse in the Little Boltons in Chelsea at £6.95m (just over £2,500 per square foot) – a price tag it says is a rarity amongst the neighbourhood’s ultra-prime stucco-fronted mansions, which can fetch up to £80m, or £10,000 psf.

Wilben’s co-founder William Samuels:

“Our ability to retain quality while keeping costs sane is no secret: it comes down to our approach. As a boutique firm, we have the flexibility to adapt. We can purchase luxury materials like marble at exceptional rates and can create sophisticated interior layouts without multitudes of middle-men. Larger firms simply cannot match this dynamism. It’s what allows us to bring a well-designed luxury home like 40 The Little Boltons to market at such a reasonable value.”

William and  Benjamin Samuels are co-founders of property development company Wilben.

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