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property week

20 Oct: Property Week – Better Late Than Never, Development is Coming to Leicester

Property week looks at new commercial and residential developments that aim to make better use of Leicester’s vacant spaces   Leicester has often lost out compared to its neighbouring regions in the past, Property Week’s full article discusses a variety of schemes and developments in and around its city centre that make better use of Leicester’s untapped potential. The full coverage features comments from Delph’s…

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13 Oct: The Times – A boutique home? It’s not all about size

The Times gives an overview of boutique developments in London and their unique draws   The full article discusses the concept of boutique developments in further detail as well as highlighting the unique selling points of some of London’s own boutique developments. Among the developments highlighted is VI Castle Lane, with the full piece featuring its pricing and agent details, as well as…

House & Garden

06 Oct: House & Garden – Capital Update

House & Garden Magazine gives an overview of London’s latest developments, featuring VI Castle Lane   The article gives a rundown of London’s latest luxury developments, including Sons & Co’s latest development VI Castle Lane. The coverage features details of the development and its location as well as agent and price details. To find out more, read the full piece in the latest…


06 Oct: Bis Now – UK Government to Boost London Islamic Property Finance

Phillip Churchill, founder and managing director of 90 North, contributes to Bis Now’s overview of the Islamic Finance sector   The full coverage explores the growing prominence of Islamic finance in the London market. The article also highlights the relationship between Islamic Finance and the aftermath of the EU Referendum result, with Phillip citing it as a potential countermeasure to some of the negative effects…